Seattle: My first week.

With my college career and time living in Denver coming to a close weeks apart, December has been a very busy month. I decided to bump up my move to Seattle by a few weeks to beat the eventual complete lockdowns that seem to be occurring in more US cities. The move was pretty uneventful, this will be my 10th in ten years, I’d like to think I have it down to a science at this point.

I still love Denver but being confined to a 40th floor condo with only a 7 foot balcony as my only outdoor space was pretty stressful. I learned my lesson about living downtown and how it isn’t for me. The suburbs with a backyard and abundant nature wins any day.

Seattle has been everything I could imagine and more. The first week I didn’t see a drop of rain, just plenty of sunshine and glorious views reminding me why I decided to head west. Snapped a few pics in the last week. Hope you enjoy them. Can’t wait for this pandemic to go away so I can begin fully exploring the PNW!

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