Milan, Italy


Milano. One of the few Italian cities I think that sounds better in its native Italian than the English variant. Most tourists skip Milano for its more famous siblings Firenze, Venezia, Roma, Napoli, etc. Despite this, it is still incredibly diverse yet unmistakably Italian. Milan is still a mystery for me. I spent most of my time in the center of the country (Lazio / Campania) but have gradually began venturing north. The few times I ventured up to Milan was to spend some time with a friend of mine. Every trip we would explore a littler further. It is much smaller and more organized than Rome, so navigating is always a breeze. I am always astounded at how affordable everything is in comparison to Rome. A week in a Milanese Airbnb is closer to the price of a day in a Roman one. People often call Milan the London of Italy. Due to being the business center of Italy but also the often overcast and rainy weather. Growing up in Germany, I have become accustomed to overcast skies and slightly prefer it over sunny weather, especially as the planet’s temperatures continue to rise. I cannot wait to get to know Milan as intimately as I do Rome.

Pictures are from various trips (2009-2019) – DW

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